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  • Jerry Manfredi

    My Ideas for the Bankruptcy Hearing

    First, Harbour Point Golf Course must remain as is.

    Second, Allow Midsouth to develop the Shoreline golf course with the following exceptions

    a. All lots must be equal in size and have the same restrictions as FFH
    b. All lot owners must become members of FFH POA
    c. Midsouth must tear down the existing Pool, Community bldg. and tennis courts.
    d. Midsouth must build New Community bldg. and Pool and make it available
    to existing POA members for a monthly fee
    e. In order to offset Midsouth’s cost ,the Community bldg. and Pool can be relocated to an area on the other side of Pelican ( existing golf cart storage area)

    I am sure some people may find this offensive or have different ideas.
    So lets start talking.

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