Fairfield Harbour Property Owners Reform Team


We need volunteers and we may need donations. Nothing can be done without both!

We need a few volunteer proxy holders!


  • If there are no volunteers, the POA wins & You lose!. Afterward, at the very least everyone who owns property here will begin paying an extra $100 in dues and more this year and every coming year in the future. And that's only the beginning of the raid on your wallet.

  • You will own 2 golf courses, a deteriorating clubhouse, a leaky pool and all the bills that go with them - including a $2,750,000 mortgage. Is that what you want?

  • And the dues will go up, up, and up!!

  • To volunteer go to our Contact Us page - Here.

    1. leave your name, email address, and contact number. Then click send.
    2. Or send an email to myfhport@yahoo.com