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FHPORT supporters.
I recieved in my Brown Box a Purple half sheet of paper published to
the community to get votes for Gloria Hodgert. The sheet posts 10 bullet
points that Gloria wanted everyone to know. One thing stuck out to me on
Bullet #5. She invested in Fairfield Harbour Partners LLC. Now she wants 
to run for the FHPOA Board. 

In Bullet point #4 may not be as true as she might like it to be. She claims
to know all the rules and regulations including NC Chapter 55A. 
Under Chaper 55A Standards of Conduct is 55A-8-3 Director Conflict of Interest.
Under this section a Director Can Not have an Interest in a transacton that could benifit
them. Last I knew the FH Partners do benifit from the transaction in the form of Interest
on their investment. And we did not vote for that trransaction to be made with the
FH Partners it was for B.B @ T that was told to,the property owners.

What other current Board members voted and invested in the FH Partners LLC??

55A-8-32 Loans to or Guaranties for Directors and Officers state NO Loans, Guaranty
or other forms of security shall be made or provided by the corporation (FHPOA) to or
for the benifit of Directors and Officers.

When you have an interest in the Golf course as an investor and the POA is paying you
No investor should be on or run for the FHPOA Board. It's a Confliuct of Interest.

Rich Edwards 





If you want to just sit on the sidelines and do nothing - Nothing will change!

You can run for one of the 3 director positions available this year!

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