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The only way to keep the FHPOA Honest now is to become the FHPOA!

Elections have Consequences

Just because you do not live in FH doesn't mean you can't run for the board of directors position. It is about time that one of the positions for director be held by an out of town property owner and also by a member of FHport. For far too long the board has not listened to us. They have their own agenda. It's our time!



A few interesting rumors.......

1. Bill Casper Maintenance will replace CAS this year

2. Yardinque is out or will be out.

3. Our volunteer director/president FHPOA is still being paid to replace our Property Manager.

4. And although the board promised that if the land purchase went thru there would be no more than a $100 increase over 5 years, there have been discussions between board members about raising it more than the $100. Promises, Promises ....




If you want to just

sit on the sidelines and do nothing

Nothing will change!



There have been no financial statements published on the POA website since early last year (2016) - one has to wonder what the Board are hiding. There should be at least 3 quarters for 2016-2017 financial year.



Call your POA Board of directors and it's president! Save Fairfield Harbour from a few determined people willing to do anything to get what they want at the expense of all our neighbors!

POA Office 252 633-5500


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